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    Upcoming PlayStation Move Games To Check Out In 2012

    The PlayStation Move now has a pretty decent library of 80+ games since its launch in late 2010. However, many owners of the Move are getting a bit worried thinking that not too many games are coming out for the Move. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In 2012 alone the Move will be used as an optional controller or exclusively for a handful of games. I went ahead and compiled a list of games that will use the PlayStation Move, in part or in whole, coming out in 2012 that you might want to check out. Check them out below! (for more info on each game, click the title)

    The Amazing Spider-Man

    The PlayStation Move has been confirmed for The Amazing Spider-Man game. How exactly it will be implemented is yet to be seen. That doesn’t worry me too much due to the fact that Spider-Man: Web of Shadows was a blast to play with the Wii motion controls. With a motion control, you really feel like the webslinger, flicking your wrists to shoot your webs across the city, and soar through the skyline! I’m hoping the controls are similar to the Wii version of Web of Shadows using both the motion control and navigation controller for full gameplay integration. The Amazing Spider-Man game itself looks promising, going back to the open-world style as previous games, while at the same time enhancing combat. Either way, if you’re a fan of Spider-Man and have a Move, you may want to check this title out!

    Bioshock Infinite

    Long-time Bioshock fans and even those newly interested in the series are looking forward to Irrational Games’ latest installment of the franchise, Bioshock Infinite. The upcoming title goes in a new direction for the series – The skies! At E3 2011, creative director for Bioshock Infinite, Kevin Levine, announced that the game will indeed incorporate PS Move functions. If you haven’t played any Bioshock games, you should know that there is a lot of interaction not only with weapons and combat, but with the environment as well. The PS Move is great for point and click type gameplay and hopefully, it is implemented well in this game. If Irrational pulls the incorporation of the Move anything like Guerrilla Games did with Killzone 3, I’ll be more than happy. Down to this day, I can not use anything but the PlayStation Move with Killzone 3 multiplayer, and it works like a charm. Bioshock Infinite, regardless, looks like an amazing game that I can not wait to play. Being able to use the PS Move with it is a nice addition for those who choose to try it out!

    Brave: The Video Game

    Not much is known about Disney Pixar’s upcoming production of Brave the movie, nor has too much been revealed about Brave the game. This Celtic inspired tale of a princess and archery does look promising from the few glimpses we have seen though. With that said, it was announced that the title will use the PlayStation Move. While that is true, Brave will only use the Move for a portion of the game. There are archery mini games that the Move will be used for, I assume a la Sports Champions. If anyone is interested in the game, Move functions are a bonus if you have one!

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Counter Strike. What more do I need to say? COUNTER STRIKE! If you do not know of the great Half-Life roots that Counter Strike comes from, then go! Just go now! Wait! What am I saying? No, don’t go. Keep reading! Last year, Valve announced a new Counter Strike game was coming to home consoles including the PlayStation 3. What’s more not only will basic controller schemes be enabled but the PS3 will also have keyboard & mouse, and PlayStation Move functions. Once again, this is another FPS, if implemented correctly with the Move, that can be a great addition to the games you play with your Move if you so desire.


    Datura. The first time I heard about this mysterious game, I was intrigued by the concept and artistic direction. Datura is a PS Move exclusive title that puts you in control of what happens in the game. It’s all about choices and the consequences you reap from those choices – good or bad. Datura uses Move’s 1:1 3D motion tracking for seamless interaction with the mysterious world and environments you find yourself in, in the game. Not too much is known about the title yet, but color me intrigued. I always loved these type of titles that offer unique experiences!

    Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

    A game that started out on the Wii and used motion controls now expands with a sequel to HD consoles. The PS3 version of Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, picks up after the Wii with Move integration. While not too much information has been revealed about the Move’s functions in the game, Creative Director Warren Spector assured us that the integration would be extensive. Further, as Mickey’s tool of choice is a paint brush, the Move is a perfect fit for what is required in the game. If you haven’t played Epic Mickey and have a Wii, I suggest trying it out! It’s a fun game and I’m looking forward to The Power of Two in HD and with my PlayStation Move.

    Dust 514

    CCP’s ambitious undertaking of bringing the EVE universe to home consoles has been realized in the upcoming MMOFPS, DUST 514. This PlayStation exclusive title has shown some impressive PC to PS3 interactions in between EVE Online and Dust 514. What’s more, CCP has announced that there will be some sort of PlayStation Vita integration and PS Move functions. Once again, the Move is great for FPS’ if the controls are implemented well. Add that to the fact that this is also a MMO, point and click mouse-like abilities can never hurt, especially with all of the options you will have in this game. Move functions or not, DUST 514 looks like an awesome addition to the PlayStation library and Move functions for those with a controller sweeten the deal!

    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has been a highly anticipated title for Tom Clancy fans and fans of games that just look awesome! PS Move functions have been announced for this tactical third person shooter – however, only in limited form. While I was hoping for total integration like that of SOCOM 4, it seems that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will only allow the Move to be used in the gunsmith mode where you can customize your weapons. Now, if you’re going to get this game anyway and have a move, why not try it out? At least you’ll give your move a little more of a workout, right?

    PixelJunk 4 am

    Music, lights, and enjoying the moment is what the latest PixelJunk title is all about. PixelJunk 4am, a PS Move exclusive title aims to take live music to a whole new level. Now you can enjoy that late night clubbing DJ experience of Drums n Bass, Rhythm and Synth, straight from your living room. *Turn the lights down* 4 am allows you to manipulate sounds and music with the Move controller and even perform your pieces live online. This is truly a title to check out this year if you are a music lover and have a Move.

    Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection

    Capcom revealed earlier this year that some previously Wii exclusive Resident Evil titles are getting a PS3 exclusive HD makeover. Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection includes HD remasters of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Both games will be PlayStation Move and trophy enabled. Play alone or with a friend co-op as you revisit the Resident Evil story. Love the horror, zombies, and your Move? Get these games when they drop later this year on the PSN.


    Sorcery is probably one of the most anticipated Move titles out there if not the most anticipated title. Since 2010′s initial reveal, gamers with Moves have been waiting for what they believe will be the “killer app” for PlayStation’s motion controller. While it was a while before we got more news about the game including a relate date delay, we now have a new look at the Move exclusive and it looks better than ever. If you have a Move and are itching for some Move exclusive adventure, make sure to check this one out when it drops this year.

    Get Moving In 2012!
    There are quite a few other games coming out this year that will use the PlayStation Move either exclusively or optionally. Some titles that we also expect to use the Move but have not been announced yet include, Little Big Planet Karting, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, 007 Legends, and NBA 2K13 to name a few.

    Nice list, i had no idea that CS:GO and the RE collection would have move support.

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    nice but I'm still mad that we haven't seen or heard anything about Sports Champions 2 yet.

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    That's an awesome list. There are some really great Move supported games coming out. I'll be getting Datura, Epic Micky, Dust 514 and Bioshock for sure.

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    Cant wait till Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection gets released

    Still going back and forth in my mind about Sorcery.

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    RE Chronicles HD is PS3 exclusive thanks to the Move.

    And I didn't know Spidey had Move support, Sorcery could be a day 1 buy depends on if its available on PSN and at a decent price.

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    been playing with 4am beta today

    not sure what i make of it yet, seems like it has a lot of potential

    had some cool tunes going then i added too much of something then it sounded all weird, have to figure it out more before i decide if its any good

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