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    Clan [mXm] Is Looking For Fresh Recruits!


    online gaming clan & community
    Established Jan 1st 2004

    "Aeterna Est Fides"

    Hey all,

    Clan mXm has been around since it's creation on Jan 1st 2004. We were born on a tactical shooter by the name of SOCOM 2 and have been gaming ever since! We aren't a competitive clan looking to win every game or else! Nor are we a super large clan were members get lost in the numbers and leaders are out for the sole purpose of having a "big" clan. We are a tight-knit group of gamers who have become like a second family to each other. All of us are 18 and older although it wasn't always that way, many of our younger (and even most of our older) members have been with the clan for the entire 8 years!

    If you're interested in becoming a part of something special look us up, come see what we're about. Don't bother applying if you're just looking for an easy clan to hook up with, we pride our selves on who we are and what we stand for. And you will be rewarded for your continued dedication to our clan. Most recently our leaders sent out care packages to each member containing a certificate of membership and a handful of clan patches! Free of charge! So on top of the bond you will form with your gaming family, there are other perks as well. [Don't believe me? Check this out]

    We play in a tactical squad based style, lots of communication and often lots of tactics of course!
    Our motto is "Aeterna Est Fides" and our core values are Altruism. Honor. Commitment.

    For more of our history, what we're about and to request to join us head over to our website @ and head into the forums to introduce yourselves.

    **Note the homepage is currently under some renovations.**

    We're also on Facebook & Twitter

    Thanks for your interest!
    [mXm] kotaco
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