What are the top gaming companies, according to Deloitte?

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Some interesting numbers from a report I saw from Deloitte today, listing the top 250 consumer products [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]companies[/COLOR][/COLOR] across the world. I'm not going to list all 250, but the top 10 are:

1) Samsung ($134,528 million in sales, 11.2% net sales growth)
2) Nestle ($105,492/ 2.0%)
3) Panasonic ($101,704/ 17.2%)
4) Procter & Gamble ($82,559/ 4.6%)
5) Sony ($73,761/ 0.2%)
6) Apple ($65,225/ 52%)
7) Unilever ($58,775/ 11.1%)
PepsiCo ($57,838/ 33.8%)
9) Nokia ($56,364/ 3.6%)
10) Kraft ($49,207/ 21.8%)

Obviously these are global numbers, and some companies (Panasonic, Nokia) have dominant presences in markets we often forget about (Japan and Africa respectively) that help bump up their numbers over what we might have typically expected based on their activities in our own markets.

And some other interesting numbers:

The highest ranked beer company is Heineken at 28 ($21,424/ 9.7%)

Nintendo is 64th ($11,868/ -29.3%) and is actually the company that had the biggest net sales lost in the top 250

Namco Bandai was in at 151 ($4,612/ 4.1%)
Electronic Arts was in at 187 ($3,589/ -1.8%)
Konami was in at 214 ($3,018/ -1.6%)

Sapporo, the best beer in the world, was 212 ($3,082/ 2.0%)

This won't have every company in it - it's consumer products only and I suspect Microsoft isn't on the list, for instance, because it doesn't break out its consumer business from its corporate [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]business[/COLOR][/COLOR].

Still, interesting to see, and this is Deloitte, so where there is is good quality data. The data is based on publicly available data for each company's fiscal year 2010. Posted in: Deloitte, Microsoft, Nintendo, sales figures, Sony
Link: http://www.digitallydownloaded.net/2...companies.html

You see that Sony for gaming is the top dog... But its for gaming companies not companies that just got into the gaming industry... Nintendo is a gaming company. Because they are only a gaming company

Sony and microsoft are not solo gaming, they are tech companies