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    God of War: Ascension New detail on SP.

    Some brand-new details on singleplayer have been revealed.
    The game is building on the God of War 3 engine. New material, shades, textures, lighting and other improvements have been made so far with the engine. Expect it to be just as epic as past God of War titles.

    The game will be showing off a more human side of Kratos. We have already seen some of the background history in the psp version, this will touch more on it. This prequel will be a bit different then the PSP prequel, since it will be touching on more of Kratos ambitions and what he wants out of life.

    Story takes place six months after the slaying of his family. Kratos has already made the deal with Ares and yes, he will have the Blades of Choas. Since this is before all the God of War titles, he will be less buff.
    The reason why this title isn’t called God of War 4 is because the title isn’t coming after 3, which is something the team did not want people to get confused with. They wanted players to come in and start fresh with the series. Naming it four would make people believe that they would have to play God of War 1 through 3.
    The cyclops that was shown off during the multiplayer is as big as Chronos from God of War 3, if not just a bit smaller.
    Concerns over the Multiplayer mode have been shouted all around forums today. The team has assured that no way is the single player being dumb down. Single player has always been their “Bread and Butter” and adding multiplayer is something they are excited about.

    "The game will be showing off a more human side of Kratos" that quote have me worried, it's the same thing that was said about NG 3 Ryu.

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    Doesn't mean it'll be like NinjaGai3. Maybe we'll his dick. Penetrating things. That's definitely human.

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    i was really hoping it would be before the blades of chaos.

    Let's be honest: You sleep with anything that walks on two legs. Sometimes, you're not even that discriminating

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    Not worried at all. Chain of Olympus did a great job showing the history and the human side of Kratos, same with GoW3 to a degree (especially his middle finger to the gods in the end, I paraphrase of course).

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    Quote Originally Posted by TekkenLord View Post

    "The game will be showing off a more human side of Kratos" that quote have me worried, it's the same thing that was said about NG 3 Ryu.
    Except that this is God of War and it's being made by Sony Santa Monica. God of War doesn't disappoint. Not to mention that the new footage of the multiplayer looks awesome and badass (although it will surely look better on release after it gets a thick coat of polish).

    I'm all for some more human aspects to Kratos that sounds great, but we all know Kratos will still be slaying beasts and shouting, that's what he does.

    There's a scene in Ghost of Sparta that comes to mind when Kratos is speaking to a spartan warrior leaning over his dead bretheren. I think Kratos was nice to him, and said something to the effect he did well or something.
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