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    Sega CEO Mike Hayes stepping down

    Sega Europe and Sega America CEO Mike Hayes is stepping down and exiting the building, though he may peek in through the second-floor window every now and then in an "advisory role." If the Sega corporate ladder is no longer available, the garden variety should suffice.

    According to Games Industry, the departing executive will remain in the industry in assorted capacities, while COO Jurgen Post and Masano Maeda oversee the company in Europe and America, respectively. Sega has not yet confirmed when or how it intends to fill the CEO role in the future.

    Sega's American arm was recently struck with unspecified game cancellations, layoffs and significant restructuring in an effort to create a smaller, more profitable business. The company intends to prioritize digital games and safe, mac-and-cheese IPs like Sonic, Total War and Aliens.

    Hardly any good news coming out of Sega nowadays.
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    Bet he's secured his pension lol

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