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    Starhawk tips to get you started...

    Starhawk is out this week.

    We'll be playing it throughout the week to put together some tips, but we'd also love to hear from you about any tips that you could give to beginners...

    Let us know any tips you have and if they're any good we'll feature them in our article later this week.

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    DONT SPAM WALLS. You dont need the great wall of China around the flag. Walls should be used as LITTLE as possible.

    Dont spam the turrets. We are capped at 32 structures for each team. On a large map it is very little, so we don't need 20 turrets at the home base.

    Find out what type of player you are and work on those skills. I am the type of person who loves to go in the teams base and destroy it. My main goal is to get inside one of their bunkers and just fire rockets at everything in their base. I also put a couple of proximity mines near the entrance to take care of the people who try to kill me. Once in a while I will play defense. Just depends on my mood and if our team needs help doing something.

    Look around before you build something. Jetpack dispensers can be tough to find, and cost 6 rift bars. Chances are there might be one in your base. Look around before you build. That goes for everything. Many times you see 3 hawk pads right next to each other.


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    my main advise is use your brain!! the game is fast, but stupid rush is not key to win. and as billm0066 sad dont spam walls and turrets!!

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