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    The Amazing Spider-Man gets playable Stan Lee in Xbox 360, PS3 preorders

    There are comic books nerds throughout the entire world who find one man more dynamic than Spider-Man, more larger-than-life than Superman, and even more incredible than Hulk, and he also has a characteristic that no comic book superhero has Ė heís real. And that man, Stan Lee, will finally get his moment in the spotlight alongside his creations in the game The Amazing Spider-Man.

    Yes, thatís right Ė Stan Lee, the man who is the creative genius behind so many geek icons, will be a playable character in the upcoming multi-platform title. But, thatís only if you get the game for the PS3 or Xbox 360, and only if you pre-order it from Amazon. The Wii and 3DS versions of the game will not contain this feature, and no other retailer will offer the special download code. In addition, even though itís a digital extra, it is only available in limited quantities.

    Those who really refuse to buy online can get a similar pre-order bonus from GameStop Ė those customers will get to play as the villain Rhino. Pre-order bonuses are the heart and soul of the gaming industry, as there is really very little other motive to get gamers to commit to buying a game before launch day, and after all gamers love being rewarded for their loyalty. The Amazing Spider-Man will be released on June 26

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    $#@! just got real
    I wonder when a nuclear warhead goes off, does the frame rate of real life drop?

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