Digital Foundry on the genesis of the epic RPG and its miraculous 360 adaptation.

The story behind The Witcher 2 is almost as epic as the plot of the hugely successful RPG itself - a tale of how an independent Polish studio created one of the most technologically advanced PC games in existence and then somehow converted it across to the Xbox 360, retaining and indeed adding to the original gameplay and bringing across the vast majority of the game's phenomenal visuals.

However, the tale really begins during the development of game's predecessor - CD Projekt RED's debut outing for super-powered monster-slayer Geralt of Rivia. In producing this new RPG, the studio turned to an existing engine to provide the technological underpinnings - BioWare's Aurora - but as development continued, it became clear that while accomplished enough in its own right, the bought-in platform wasn't entirely the right fit for the team.

"Aurora is a great engine, well-suited to BioWare-like RPGs. The thing is, in many aspects, The Witcher isn't like any BioWare game. The differences forced us to make significant changes to the engine," says CD Projekt RED senior engine programmer Tomek Wójcik.

Full article at link. GREAT read. It's amazing the work they went through making this game.