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    Former NCAA athletes' lawsuit against EA is so on...

    That's pretty messed up if the bolded part is true...

    EA's request to dismiss a class action lawsuit from former NCAA athletes has been denied, meaning the trial will move forward and EA stands to lose more than $1 billion if found at fault.

    The former NCAA athletes claim EA conspired with the NCAA and the CLC to have players sign away their likenesses and names to be used in video games without compensation. The players allege that in order to participate in NCAA sports they were required to sign a form allowing EA their likenesses in games, even after their college sports careers ended.

    The federal judge previously dismissed other claims in the lawsuit, but denied EA's attempt to have an antitrust claim thrown out.

    EA is facing more than a few lawsuits at the moment, but it did recently settle a two-year-old lawsuit with Activision, with as-yet undisclosed concessions from either side.

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    I hope EA loses out on this... I want them to learn.

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