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    Infraction for radgamer420: No Abusing the Report Button, Rule 25.

    User: radgamer420
    Infraction: No Abusing the Report Button, Rule 25.
    Points: 2

    Administrative Note:
    A long and lengthy staff discussion has took place preceeding this infraction and it was the concensus of the staff that this is the best course of action.

    Message to User:
    We have seen report after report come in about you for various reasons. No action was taken at first, but then reports kept coming, both from you and about you. It was obvious to us that you reported people in an effort to close out threads that weren't going your way. It also became obvious that you were reporting people for the same reasons you were reported. The culmination of your report frequency both in being the subject of, and the one reporting just to save face, led to our decision. You preach about civil debate, but yet are one of the leading violators.

    Please take a month-long break from the forums to reconsider your posting habits as the next infraction, given how many points you have accrued over time, will lead to a permanent ban.
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