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    Sonys Stock Falls to Lowest Level Since 1984
    I say cut corners with TV's. It seems no one cares about quality right now, and Sony is all about that. However Samsung has them edged with providing good quality with good prices.

    I say cut corners to make a "budget line" of TV's.

    On the eve of Sony’s much-awaited PlayStation-centric press conference at E3 2012 comes some stunning news: Sony’s stock fell below 1,000 Yen (or $12.79) for the first time since 1984 during trading in Japan on Monday.

    CNBC Tweeted the ominous news, noting the information in a brief “Market Flash.” Reuters expanded upon the news, stating that although Sony’s stock did indeed fall below the 1,000 Yen threshold, it “eased 1.3 percent” to bring it back up to 1,000 Yen before trading ended.

    Bad news has been flowing about Sony’s financial health all year. Its credit and debt ratings were downgraded in February on the heels of a massive quarterly loss. Such a financial reality caused Sony to outline new plans for the future while planning to layoff 10,000 workers. The maelstrom of bad news caused the New York Times to declare that Sony is in the fight of its life.

    Although the PlayStation brand is considered healthy, poor sales of the PSP’s successor, the PlayStation Vita, have called into question how to measure the new handheld’s success. Meanwhile, the financial downturn Sony has encountered forced the company to shutter two of its 15 fully-owned development studios in 2012, a historic move considering Sony only shuttered one of its development houses total since PlayStation premiered in Japan in 1994. BigBig Studios, the UK-based studio responsible for the Pursuit Force franchise on PSP and Little Deviants on Vita, closed in early January. Soon thereafter, Zipper Interactive, the American developer best-known for the SOCOM franchise, as well as MAG and Unit 13, was also closed.

    Whether or not Sony’s announcements at E3 help bring the stock price back up or not remains to be seen, though investors will certainly be watching the company’s plans concerning its valuable PlayStation brand eagerly to see what’s in store.
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    Isn't this months old?

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    They definitely need to cut the fat with the tv department. They should put that money towards 3rd party ps4 support since the gaming department makes money. It'll pay off in the long run.

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    It seems no one cares about quality right now, and Sony is all about that.
    However Samsung has them edged with providing good quality with good prices.
    ummm.......thats LG, they are the cheapest with quality, Samsung, Panasonic & Sony are about the same with Panasonic & Sony being slightly more expensive but the quality is higher, Sammys are unreliable & colour tones are way off, just like their phones & cost nearly the same, actually Tescos( supermarket ) very own piece of $#@! value brand LED TVs are sammys, but the quality is a joke, thou I was gonna go for a sammy for price but then the realised there only a 50 pound difference, and the Sony & Pany's have more features, I think theres a 1080p LED Samsung 32 inch going for 310 on Amazon, but then theres a Sony 32"1080p 3D Edge LED smart TV for 40 quid more
    I know theres a price difference, but theres also a spec difference, in fact Sony has a 40" which match that sammy for features for a similar price, but I think its has bad reviews because just like the Samsung it ain't 3D & isn't a Smart TV( not my guess, that was the actual reason for bad reviews, fantastic picture thou apparently , but its not exceptable for Sony, different strokes?
    but I agree, Sony should lower the budget to Samsungs budget.....well not that low & sell them cheaper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AaronSOLDIER View Post
    Isn't this months old?
    EDIT: Actually, I don't think so. The one I reported just sounded similar.
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    kaz Harai has some job ahead of him, I say cut the fat on all models, for headphones you dont need a ZX - 100, 300 & 600. Its a bit of over kill.

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    I have to admit I am guilty, I bought an LG instead, but it offered the same thing and same viewing size at only 2/3 the price of a Sony TV.

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