Thanks to the guys at Dusters, a Dust 514 fansite...

"While many have said the core FPS mechanics need improving, from a depth standpoint no console game can touch what CCP is attempting with this game. They're trying to create the deepest, most complex console game ever made. One that stays true to its PC roots. I don't play EVE Online but people that do will have a natural advantage. They already speak the language, so to speak. They also seem to be doing a really did a good job addressing many of the bad aspects of FPS.

The beta period is going to be beneficial because it will be easy for them to see what's broken and just needs to be tuned a bit or even thrown out. The open beta period will undoubtedly give the devs more data to be able to craft a great title with.

I'm concerned a little about the graphics, but in the end, good gameplay and large amounts of players usually makes graphics suffer. That's a trade-off I'm cool with too. As long as we get games with more than 48 players."

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