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    Halo 4 Video: Spartan Ops set six months after campaign.

    Halo 4′s Spartan Ops will take place six months after the game’s main campaign, 343 Industries tells VG247, in an interview that further details Master Chief’s newest enemy: the Prometheans.

    Halo 4′s Spartan Ops DLC effort was been further detailed in a VG247 interview with 343′s David Berger and Kevin Franklin in LA last month, including confirmation of timeline and links to the campaign.

    “With [Spartan Ops] being such a story-driven mode, it’s something we really wanted to be able to really push the fiction forward with after the launch of the game,” said Berger.

    “It takes place about six months after the events of the campaign, but as you’ve seen in the cut-scene [shown at the Microsoft E3 press conference - Ed] the Infinity features in also the campaign. So we have some ties in the story between the two.”

    The heavy stream of Spartan Ops updates will come at no extra cost to the user.

    “In Spartan Ops you’re getting five missions per week, with a CG cut-scene, for free,” said Franklin.

    Berger added: “With months of content of that style so that we can really push the story and fiction forward after launch. And that’s all part of the game.”

    It was confirmed last week that Halo 4′s first Spartan Ops season would be included in the cost of the game.

    Halo 4 releases on November 6.
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