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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Man Gamer View Post
    I wouldn't say their inspirations but they APPEAR to be listening to customer feedback. Haven't gamers been complaining for years about devs not listening? Now they are and people are complaining about it. I don't get it.
    Personally i think gamers don't know what they want until they get it, and i'd rather they pursue their ideal game rather than letting customer research dictate it. Now if its the same game but just with co-op i really have nothing to complain about it (which is what this sounds like tbf). It's when they start changing the direction of a game (e.g. how scary it is) because of customer research, that is when you have to start worrying.

    There are certain things where devs should listen and i think they are things that do not directly affect the direction or 'philosophy' of a game or actual technical problems the previous titles had, such as "please don't make trophies multiplayer orientated" or "fix the aiming system" etc. It sounds a bit vague maybe but theres a clear distinction in my head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaY_210 View Post
    lol why do I find this hilarious?
    you're not alone hahaha

    Let's be honest: You sleep with anything that walks on two legs. Sometimes, you're not even that discriminating

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