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    Checked the store and we don't have the Youtube app but we have Crackle!

    Free movies and TV on demand! Not a big library, but it's free!

    Edit: Of course there's an advertisement that plays before the movie and the stream is ok.

    Edit 2: Checked the timeline of the video, there's little dots on the timeline, all advertisements. Guess that's the price you pay for free.
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    I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same problem I am with the app. Certain videos I add to a playlist from my computer don't show up in the playlist on my PS3. It seems to be any non-Vevo videos that are missing, and only Vevo videos are in the playlists. Anyone else experiencing this?

    Edit: Checked the playlist on my iPad and the videos show up there, but when I try to play them, a message pops up saying "The author of this video does not allow playback on iPad". So the videos not even showing up on the PS3 must be related to that.

    Edit 2: I take that back, most of the videos I have in this playlist say that, even ones that show up and play fine in the PS3 app. So I'm back to square one and still don't know why some videos don't show up in the PS3 app.
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    I thinks its due to The owners do not allow embeding on their videos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chille View Post
    The ap also lets you turn the volume up and down on ps3 using your phone

    This is so awesome gonna watch some nerd to test it out

    This is so much win, when your not in the main room, with youtube remote ap, you can switch the feed to your phone screen, then when you get back just switch back to ps3 and carry on.

    I'm using IPhone 5. The volume buttons aren't working to adjust the ps3 volume. Help?

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    So another awesome feature for the PS3? Add it to the list.

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