Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo asked Nintendo president Satoru Iwata if Mother 3 would ever come to North America. Iwata replied by saying that he recently spoke to Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi about the popularity of the Mother series in the West. During his conversation with Totilo, Iwata did not rule out the possibility of a Western release for Mother 3 – so maybe the game will eventually come to Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

Stephen Totilo: I would be remiss in not telling you that some of my writers would like to play another Advance Wars and they would someday like to play Mother 3 in America… [Iwata writes something down] … Whenever I ask Reggie about Mother 3, he says, ‘ask Mr. Iwata.’

Satoru Iwata: “Just yesterday, before I left from Japan, I met with Mr. Itoi, who is the creator of the Earthbound series.”

Stephen Totilo: “Oh, I know. Are we ever going to get it?”

Iwata: “And, yeah, accidentally we were discussing that there are huge fans from Western countries for the Mother series.”

Stephen Totilo: “So, someday? Someday?”

Satoru Iwata: “[laughs] Thank you. Great to see you!”
via My Nintendo News.