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    Sleeping Dogs demo now available for the Xbox 360

    Square Enix has announced that a Sleeping Dogs demo is now available to download via Xbox LIVE, the PlayStation Network and Steam.

    The demo lets you jump right into the action for a extensive hands-on time with Wei's bone-crunching martial arts skills as he chases down a rival gang member muscling-in on his Triad turf. Gameplay unfolds as Wei pursues his target through the vibrant, bustling Night Market - you'll need to vault across numerous stalls and packing crates, scale walls and leap from buildings before reaching its climax with a ruthless rooftop fight.

    The demo continues with a sneak look at a later level, where gunplay is thrown into the mix as Wei takes on numerous opponents in a dock-side warehouse. You'll need to perform vaults from cover, which slows down time allowing for pin-point accuracy, as you track-down your target.

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    I already bought the game and I'm really enjoying it.

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