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    [XvG] is recruiting!

    Xtreme Vision Gaming (XvG) is now recruiting active ps3 call of duty players. Once you have registered and applied you will be placed into an evaluation period.

    Some of our requirements are:

    --- 16 years or older
    --- Site dedication
    --- Mic
    --- K/D is not a big factor as long as your a team player
    --- Trust able and loyalty

    What we have to offer:

    --- Active leaders willing to help out on site and in game
    --- Advancement opportunities
    --- Neat and organized site
    --- Respectful and mature members
    --- Players from around the world
    --- Fun, we do like to win but what is winning without having fun

    Visit us at
    Any questions pm (Your name here)

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    Next ten get in no questions asked and will be entered in a draw for elite premium!

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