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    5 Games we could be playing on the PS4 and Xbox 720

    1. Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes

    Set to be a prologue to PSP title Peace Walker and not the Metal Gear Solid 5 that many might have been hoping for, Hideo Kojima unveiled 14 minutes of stunning gameplay footage from the open world Ground Zeroes at PAX 2012 to mark the 25th anniversary of the iconic stealth game. Running on Konami's Fox Engine, the game has been confirmed for the PS3 and Xbox 360 with no mention of future generation consoles, but judging what has been shown off in the video we definitely wouldn't rule it out.

    2. Watch Dogs

    One of the most talked about games at E3 2012, the GTA-style sandbox title which involves hacking into criminal records and phones could well be earmarked for the 'Xbox 720' having shown off the game behind closed doors using Microsoft's innovative SmartGlass tablet and smartphone technology. Watch Dogs has been confirmed by publisher Ubisoft to land on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC but the SmartGlass intergration could hint to the game also making an appearance on the next Xbox as well.

    3. $#@! of the Orient

    TeamBondi, the team behind LA Noire looks set to turn its attention to the Far East for its follow up to the innovative motion capture based cop drama which the developer revealed will launch on the PC and next generation consoles. The above screenshot and a game description on the Team Bondi website indicates that the equally gritty game will be based in Shanghai in 1936 where a 'group of Western cops' try to restore order to the most 'corrupt and decadent city on the planet'.

    4. Destiny

    Courtesy of a contract document signed by Activision and original Halo-makers Bungie which was revealed as part of a recent lawsuit case, the planned series of sci-fantasy action shooter games was outed with an Autumn 2013 release date for the Xbox 360 and plans to launch on Microsoft's next gen console currently being dubbed the 'Xbox 720'. Set to be available in four instalments, Bungie has since introduced a range of t-shirts on its online store featuring the Destiny logo registered by Bungie adding further weight to its release. Halo: Combat Evolved was of course a launch title for the original Xbox, so Microsoft could follow suit for its next console offering.
    5. Star Wars 1313

    Creating plenty of buzz prior to its official E3 2012 unveiling, the gritty-looking take on the Star Wars world from LucasArts has yet to receive a console platform we can expect to play it on or even a release date. Set in the dark and seedy underworld of Coruscant, gameplay footage of the third person shooter/adventure title from amazing, detailed visuals to the impressive motion capture appears to point to life on consoles that Microsoft and Sony are still saying nothing about.

    I cant wait for next gen.
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    Also FIFA 14 (there better be a new console end of next year start of year after) but 15 defo

    Cod 10 or 11 depending when console is released

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    If this makes time travel possible I'll go forward in time voluntarily to get my hands on CoD34 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. They come out in the same year.
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    I can't wait either. And these are all perfect next-gen candidates.. some of them like $#@! of the Orient and Destiny we KNOW are next-gen but Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313 are still unknown but will most likely be.

    The thing with MGS like the article said, is that its currently planned for PS360, it said so at the end of the trailer... but of course it could get delayed for the new platforms... or versions on both!

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    *Prays for Legend of Dragoon 2*
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    Yea some definitely good candidates.

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    BF4 also and FF Versus XIII, oh and Last Guardian lol.

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