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    New ZombiU Details

    In ZombiU, you play as a survivor of a zombie apocalpyse in London. Starting out as Peter Johnson, you're an average guy with a cricket bat to defend yourself but take one bite from a zombie and you're dead. For a big survival horror game, that's quite a risk to take as games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill are always built around a lead character, even if they change from game to game. However, as ZombiU writer Gabrielle Shrager told Official Nintendo Magazine, there are three main characters in ZombiU.

    Here, Shrager tells us about the three main characters and their involvement in the game's backstory, as she introduces The Prepper, The Scientists and the mysterious figure from history: John Dee. What does the Black Plague have to do with the Last Great Plague of London? Read on...

    The Prepper

    Gabriele Shrager: We play as a generic survivor just like you and me and just about as clueless as you and me. Which means that the storyline is going to be carried by the other characters in the game and we have three main characters.

    One of these is the Prepper and some of you - if you've seen the footage from E3 - have heard the voice. It's a very deep voice of a man with a lovely Yorkshire accent... This guy is our lifeline. He's our mentor and our guide throughout the entire first part of the story.

    As we get stronger and more able, he has other stuff to do - others things on his mind - but he's there to prepare us. That's why he's called the Prepper.

    In fact, the Prepper is a term that US survivalists use to describe themselves. They're saying: 'I am prepared for the end of the world.' In fact, you can go on the internet and see crazy interviews with guys who are stockpiling and the attitude is: 'we'll tell you everything you need to do to prepare but don't come knocking on our door.' So he's sort of our real hardliner in this story.
    Read the rest here.

    Or if it's too long, here's a list of details.

    1 week to go before we find out when we can play this!
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    Oh yeahh!! This game may ne one of the first I buy with the Wii U

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