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Wow. You sure do ramble alot. Well its pretty pointless to try to have any kind of intelligent discussion with you because its like trying to debate with an 8 year old. Any game I bring up you'll just say I disagree. I'm still waiting for you to make a valid point instead of just babbling on about nothing. And if you honestly dont think Mass Effect is a good quality series for example then thats evidence enough to me that you dont know what youre talking about anyway. Games like Resistance and Haze were exclusive but are of lower quality than games like ME or Skyrim. Some games like FF should have stayed PS3 exclusive but exclusive doesn't always guarantee quality. Too Human on 360 was exclusive but also lower quality than alot of multiplatform games.
Bravo Radgamer, Bravo.

Thank you for continuing to demonstrate your complete, and utter lack of reading comprehension, which inevitably lead to a flailing mass of run on statements addressing invisible points, that, because of which, you will have no ability to point out occuring anywhere in this thread.

You speak of childish, and ironically your attempt at posting has demonstrated nothing but your novice like grasp of debate-mechanics, with a continued usage of strawmans in an attempt to seem as though you are actually addressing something at all--as opposed to to flailing and reeling about in a desperate attempt to make some statement that actually sticks to the wall. Much like, as you said, a child.

Seriously. Read. The entire. Exchange. Over again.

And then realize how stupid this was. Because apparently you've contorted your head into perceiving that I said Mass Effect is low quality, or that an exclusive from one studio can't be inferior to a multiplat from another. Lol at the latter, seriously, as if anyone would make such an idiotic generalization. Lol especially at your Haze example, a $#@!ty game that would have been even $#@!tier if it was multiplat and had split its man-power/resources between the PS3 and 360. Which was the point the entire time. But hey, I get it, you had to feel like you were addressing something at least. Since you can't address what I said, you might as well believe I said something else. Which is, again, the essence of what straw-manning is.

Anyway, I've said my piece and this thread is crashed and burned as is with us. Apologies for derailing this thread three3, but I wasn't going to let this pass unnoticed.