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    What this game is about?

    Iam sorry guys I haven't read much nor followed on this game. Even though I will buy it when it will be released. I was so impressed by the graphics of this game when I have seen few game-play.

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    It's about two people, Joel and Ellie (with the player taking control of the former) making their way across a post-apocalyptic United States of America decimated by a fungal plague which brings about certain enemies you'll likely want to avoid, known as the Infected. You've made a promise to a friend about protecting Ellie. You will come across other hostiles known as Survivors, where it is revealed in the gamescom 2012 trailer that Joel had been on their side.

    Gameplay-wise, there are different ways you can approach your enemies and they will react differently depending on those actions. For example, a Survivor will rush towards you if they're aware of you being low on ammo. I'd imagine that if you want to go in guns blazing that you won't last very long - even if Ellie will find a way to help. Otherwise, it's similar to the Uncharted series in that you also have various puzzles to solve if you want to progress through the story.
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    It's about kicking ass and taking names.

    Oh and what Blacksite said.

    The Last of Us will be amazing!

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