Hello All!

I bought a 60GB PS3 about 2 months after launch back in 2006. It served me well for about 4.5 years of hard play before finally getting the YLOD. Rather than getting it fixed by Sony (know first hand it comes back loud as a vacuum cleaner with only a 3 month warranty) I just went out and got a 320GB Move Slim Bundle for $249 and have been using that since. However, I cannot help but miss my old 60GB as I would like to have another console for my nieces and nephews to play when over and such. Plus, I miss the legit PS2 BC, 4 USB ports, etc. I just loved it. LOL

So, it has literally been sitting around in the corner with a copy of Fallout New Vegas still stuck in it as I decide what to do.

My question is:

Does anyone have any experience with a re-balling service? I DO NOT want to pay any amount of money or do any work myself for a lame re-flow job that will probably work for a day, if at all. I hear a proper re-balling, cleaning, new paste, pads, etc can essentially make it come back as it was the day it was bought.

So, can anyone recommend me a legitimate company that can do this and any personal stories of success/failure? I have looked into a few places but would like real first hand accounts as these companies could easily post bogus "praise and reviews" while being 2 stoners in a garage, etc. I'd love a professional service that can bring (or do their best) to bring my phatty back to life. Plus, I'd love all of my old game saves, etc.