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    Rumor: XCOM FPS goes third-person shooter (screenshots)

    Before Firaxis announced its October 9-due XCOM: Enemy Unknown, 2K Marin had announced its own, first-person shooter take on the classic XCOM series. But the once March 2012-due reboot has become a third-person shooter, if images sent to Kotaku from a recent marketing survey are legitimate.

    According to the survey, the game is still a 1960s-set XCOM prequel, however, it is now a third-person, squad-based shooter, similar to SOCOM, where players command a team of agents. 2K Marin, or “the same people who created BioShock 2,” are still said to be heading development.

    PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game are mentioned in the survey, however the initially announced PC version is not. It also asks survey takers whether they’d prefer the game release as a $30 downloadable or as a $60 retail game.

    Find screenshots of the alleged third-person shooter below.

    via Gematsu.

    I think I'll pass. XCOM: Enemy Unknown looks more interesting.
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