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    Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII help...

    I'm looking for some guidance on how to finish the last level of this game. I'm not really interested in how you feel about the game or your reviews. It was why not play it?

    Well I'm on the last mission (Marines are planting the bombs on the island) and can't seem to finish the game off. Either I get shot down trying to defend the Marines or they die quicker then I can blow planes out of the sky. Has anyone finished this game on Ace and can provide a couple pointers on how they finished the game? It's been very frustrating...any help is appreciated. thanks

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    It's been almost a year....and no one has provided ANY help? Come on...

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    Never even heard of it but a quick google search bought this up:

    Maybe the info is there that you need although with it almost being a year since your post I'm guessing you've already tried searching google and been on the above site.

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