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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Zombie View Post
    MMO's are different from regular online games in that thousands of players are able to log in and play together on the same server in a persistent world. Meaning things can change even when you are offline.

    So naturally the costs for servers will be high. This is why there is a subscription. Some devs like to charge for micro-transactions in order to give players the core game for free, and if you want to buy certain things with real world money, like weapons, that option is available to you.
    Thanks for responding, but what do you do in the game? is it just quests you do?

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    MMOs generally have quests that are the backbone of the game. Generally the point is to level up your character, usually by going out and doing a series of quests either alone or with a group of people. Some dungeons would feature harder enemy types that need to be defeated by a group, and generally in that group you have members who fill different roles.

    One character might be the tank: a person who takes all the hits because they have higher defense than anyone else and sole purpose is to have all enemies attacking him, one character might be the healer, who uses defensive magic to protect all the other members from dying and is constantly healing the tank. Another type is damage, which focuses solely on doing as much damage as possible, but having to manage some kind of magic or other system constantly so they don't burn out on magic being utterly useless in later fights. Lastly, another character role might be considered support. Support generally consists of buffing allies with spells or abilities that improve their stats. Other support roles debuff enemies to make them weaker, easier to kill.

    This explanation isn't geared toward XIV, but a general idea of MMO mechanics. The main point of any MMO really is grouping up with others to tackle harder quests in locations where you would be slaughtered by yourself. XIV will include other side things like getting a chocobo license to ride them around the world, a crafting system where you level up different crafting abilities like smithing, and a real-time economy where you sell and buy items where prices fluctuate depending on current market trends.

    That's basically it in a nutshell, mankind. People get addicted to leveling up different classes since there are many different roles and ways to play, they get addicted to farming items to sell on a market, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KungMartin90 View Post
    you're questioning the realism factor in a game with the word "fantasy" in its title? xD
    Nope, he's questioning the truthfullness facter, which is perfectly reasonable.
    Quote Originally Posted by VayMasters86 View Post
    Okay, taking bets. What year and month will Respawn be closed by EA! My guess, May 2021.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrath View Post
    Absolutely EPIC new video explaining how the current game ends to give rise for "A Realm Reborn".

    If anything, I'd give a big applause for these incredible trailers they make. They sure know how to draw fans in with itchy hands wanting to play the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave-The-Rave View Post
    lol, so they literally wiped out everything. The whole world, towns, villages and all the NPCs?

    Surely that would make the new version of the game a complete wasteland?
    After what we've seen so far? No. The trailer ended with the old man transporting the party somewhere else. If the entire world was ending, it would only make sense that he used his last bit of energy to transport them through time, hence the title, A Realm Reborn.
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    DAY 1!!!!! Hopefully this will be what I thought FF14 would be.

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