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    Quote Originally Posted by PlaystationGuru View Post
    I think mainly we will have just to wait it out and see.
    The next gen consoles could have these kinds of graphics but time will only tell.
    I could only dream! Although the Fox engine Kojima productions is doing for ground zeros is looking pretty sexy. I don't really think their is going to be that big of a leap forward like there was in the past. Super Nin, Sega genises to ps1 was crazy. ps1 to ps2/xbx was mind blowing. ps2 to ps3/x36x was awsome. But maby I'll be wrong. I just hope they make it more fun. All the B.S. with liscensing crap and legal jargen just takes the fun out of it for me. If there is more of that I don't even think graphics that are slightly better will be taking my money next time.,

    Now if they can make a console and/or graphics that are just like the Batman Arkham City hugo strange trailor but FULLY PLAYABLE then all I have to say is: shut up, stop talking, and TAKE MY MONEY!

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    Maybe mate... I would have to see if a next gen console can actually handle multi things going on at once while I go nuts
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    This has got the be the best looking game to come, even better than crysis 3 imo
    And a newer video just few days ago (static water, work in progress)

    I hope PS4 will push such graphics at launch.
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