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    Quote Originally Posted by F34R View Post
    I see, that terms is for any product then... I gotcha. I've never met anyone, or "heard" them say that it's the best, and for everyone, etc. I'm the only one in a household of four smart phones, that has any Apple products. I'm the only one who wanted to try it, and has liked what I use it for.

    Also, I didn't think you were talking about anyone in particular... just wanted to know what the generalization was used for towards Apple, on these forums, when it's the same type of behavior we see across all brands, but never see the term used except for Apple lol.
    Cool, thanks for dunerstanding mate.

    RE: the "best" thing, I've seen it enough everywhere (even on places such as Google+ where theere is obviously a strong pro-Google/anti-Apple base) to know, in my experience, that this is pretty normal, The Instagram event really shed to light to what the stereotypical Apple-fanboy is like, and while I like and respect their products - despite preferring things that are more 'open'; I detest and abhor their strongest of fanboys.

    Heck, throw a PS3/360 fanboy against an Apple fanboy; and it wouldn't even be close!

    Anyway, that's I really have to say about that.

    Regarding the patent itself, I really hope it's more complicated than it seems and not just a way for Apple to patent something so common and be so childish with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuuichi View Post
    Prob because of the FEW Apple fans that will indeed buy every new Apple product even if the release iphone 6 then 3 months later iphone 7 with one diff those people will buy it. But those are the hardcore Apple fans and really are a minority I have seen.
    Anyone that rushes out and buys the next of anything if they have one from the previous year is a bit stupid really.

    I think people forget that people who get such things, especially phones, usually get them them on an 18 or 24 month contracts.

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    lolz I still have my nokia N85 and still use it. also, the sound quality in the nokia N85 is still unmatched in terms of phone sound quality

    however I am definitely not a person to run out and grab another tech piece if it only slightly improved from the year before. I usually wait a few years till I see a drastic improvement. not only that but all the apple phones and pads I honestly don't care for. If I do get a phone, I want it to give me the ability of "muscle memory".
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    Apple is amazing but LOL at this

    Quote Originally Posted by Bio
    Yep, NGP will retail at $300. We all know it's going to happen.

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