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    BO2 multiplayer tips and tricks(and WARNINGS for hacks)

    I got COD:BO2 for a present. I have never played a COD game because I am more of a Battlefield/MOH. So what are some tips to get me ready for BO2 online? I fig a good thread for multiplayer tip and tricks. So until Tuesday anyone got general tips and tricks feel free to share them.

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    There are a lot of run and gunners in these games lol
    I'd say pick off a few you see and quickly go to the other side or else they'll spawn behind you. Don't rush in unless your confident you can take em on.
    Start off with easy killstreaks like uav/counter uav a bombing run and helo.
    Well thats some advice from me. can't wait to play this game myself!

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    I would say to take it slow and not just run out in the open. Try to move around the edges of battles and pick people off.

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    My tips are = run around like a crazy mad man and aim around corners or if you dont feel lucky go up to a corner and quickly take a look around the corner and i mean quickly like less then a second, and if anyone new to COD its best to follow your team mates around and it a good way to get kills and less deaths because following them around sum times they can stop you from being killed and if you see your team mates shooting but they get killed theres a good chance that they shot the enemy so its more easy for you to kill them.

    choosing gun = all the gun are going if your going to want to get lots of kill the guns to pick with lots of damage and fire rate for easy kills, but that doesn't mean the gun with small damage is rubbish because if the gun has small damage but high fire rate then the fire rate make up for the small damage.

    i hope that helped anyone

    And for hacks no one better hack it, because that would be gay its a brand new COD i would like to keep it unhacked and if anyone does hack it on the PSN i will take there names down and report them i dont wanna see a repeat of MW2
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