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    Warning for Cybertox: No racist or $#@!phobic remarks, Rule 28.

    Post: Android Phone Thread
    User: Cybertox
    Infraction: No racist or $#@!phobic remarks, Rule 28.
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    Administrative Note:
    Racist remark.

    Message to User:
    Not only did you derail the conversation to focus on someone's posting etiquette, you followed it up with a racist remark. You are not in a position to tell people to watch their language. Consider this a warning.

    Original Post:
    Quote Originally Posted by jj03 View Post
    Not like i'm writing in $#@!in german is it? Tho i can if that helps lol.

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    We are here in a forum. Not in a reunion of uneducated $#@!s talking about gangsta $#@!. We are not on the streets so watch your language.
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