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    MGS4? A couple noobie questions.

    Is Metal Gear Solid 4 GOTP good game and active on multi-player online?

    My cuz is going to sell me the game for no more than $10 bucks and I may be might buy it is the game play good and what about online play..

    Also is it worth it and is there any other games in the series for the ps3 that are yet to come out or have came out that I don't know about and should get.

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    MGS4 is an EPIC game! you needn't need a multiplayer.

    on the topic of multiplayer though, the online service has ended:

    you can buy all three prequels (from the first 2 generations) in a boxed set i believe. there is also a new MGS game coming out, though it isn't made by kojima productions and its more action oriented with Raiden as lead character - hack and slash type deal.
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    As for MGS4, if you haven't played the other games in the series, this game is primarily a fan service to the old games. A lot of what is discussed in-game relates to events in previous games and they will kind of gloss over some details expecting you to know them.

    The cutscenes can be really long, too. The story is very detail heavy, but these are only a negative if you do not like these types of things. As for gameplay, it's pretty good, just covered in a lot of cutscenes with action spread out here and there.

    As for other games, you can pick up the MGS HD collection for PS3/PSN store. It's MGS2,3, and Peace Walker. That is, if you feel like getting into the series. If you can still handle old PS1 games with stiff controls, I'd suggest MGS1 from the psone classics on PSN as well. One of my favorite games of all time.

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    You can still enjoy it even if you haven't played the other games. MGS4 was my first Metal Gear game (not counting the fifteen or so minutes of MGS1 I played years ago) and I absolutely loved it. There is a lot of backstory, but I think MGS4 does a good job at explaining things for those who are just jumping in to the series.

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