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    UPLAY: is live on the eshop Do you need it what does it do for wii u

    Today November 30th 2012 the eshop on the wii u got a update which finally included the long waited uplay features which are now functioning

    So what is uplay uplay is a rewards system and dlc store for the Ubi soft titles on the nintendo wii u.


    Uplay app

    launched november 2012

    size 46 mb

    what does the rewards system do???

    Ubisoft once signed up for the uplay service which is free the uplay channel will give you stuff to do in your game to earn uplay coins which can be exchanged for exclusive unlockables in your game.

    example: To earn 30 Uplay coins in just dance 4 you have to play sweat mode

    once you play sweat mode the game will say congratulations you unlocked a achievement as long as you are signed on to uplay.

    Is uplay needed.

    Yes certain unlockables cannot be achieved without uplay which i do find kinda stupid to rig a game but from this company i would expect it.

    How do i sign up

    once signed into play in my game do i have to resign in every time.

    No once you sign in your signed in every time you launch the game that uses it.

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    I don't think I'll get into Ubi games that require their service to be used for achievements.

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    Sounds similar to what konami did with Metal Gear online. Which many didnt like.
    Also this only aplies to Ubi games will other game companies require you to use their services too?

    Not a fan of Uplay.
    I bought a PC game (splinter cell conviction) on Steam and it requires Uplay.
    I log into steam click splintercell icon which loads up Uplay then I can play it.
    But I cannot load up Uplay bypassing steam if I do my game isn't there.
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