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    Fine by me, you'll probably be able to remove the orbs for games that don't/hardly use them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GypsyKid View Post
    If the next Playstation is built around anything Move related I will firmly ignore it. I got 2 moves and a nav and NEVER use them. There is a few fundamental flaws that BREAKS the move for me. 1) You have to calibrate these for every use. 2) You NEED optimal lighting or it won't work.

    The 1st issue is a minor annoyance. The 2nd issue is a deal breaker. I remember not being able to get through the training missions on The Fight cause I couldn't get enough light in the living room. Other times it was too much light. Just sucked the joy right out of owning those pieces of junk having to deal with something so idiotic when everything else that is motion control is plug and play and works great.

    The Move is probably the stupidest technology Sony ever conceived. Just the one fact, needing optimal lighting just to use never should of left the drawing board stages.
    As a proud owner of the Move I have to say that I STRONGLY disagree with your assumption that the Move needs very specific lighting.One of the reasons I prefer Move, is that you can use it without worrying about the lighting. Possibly the only two games that I came across that needed recalibration for a change in lighting are 1. The Fight, 2. Eyepet (only tried the demo from the starter disc). And the environment where I play Move can have rather erratic lighting changes (Gaming setup's right beside a big window with golden yellow curtains, when the wind blows through, the lighting can change very abruptly). Sports Champions 1, Dead Space extraction, The shoot, Sports Champions 2 (especially SC2, it has the quickest calibration process of ANY Move title I've played) all work like a charm in the dark, in the day, in even a bright sunny day without the curtains. The fight has the most calibration issues, and imo that is not at all the fault of the tech behind Move, it's all on the software.

    On topic, I have mixed feelings about this break-apart controller. Unless I can hold it in two hands, I prefer having a wrist strap like the one for the Move and the wiimote. But this is just a patent, so Sony can probably make it as ergonomically comfortable as the Dualshock for the final product (hopefully).

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    there is only one game that I play on the move and that game is called "Tumble". honestly, one of the funnest yet dumbest games that my friends and I play when they come over. It's the only MOVE game they will play and it's mainly because when you are competing with friends and trying to screw them over, you start laughing making it harder for you do lay that block down without you knocking down the tower. To be honest, I'm not into playing FPS games with the MOVE controller, I like games like Tumble or similar games like that, that were strictly made for the MOVE and nothing else.

    hopefully Sony keeps The Move as a separate gimmick because if they make it their main attraction like Nintendo did with the Wii, I can see problems. It worked with Nintendo but I doubt it would with Sony.
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    Looks pretty cool, but games with PS MOVE compared to Wii/Kinect games are much harder to play

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