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    Quote Originally Posted by Vulgotha View Post
    It's Gamebryo.
    i honestly didn't think it was capable of the level it's produced
    i had assumed the engine was proprietary.

    the Radiant AI still got gimped imo
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    Can we truly believe, that they are the only company to screw us gamers...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigdoggy View Post
    the launch for the PC was crappy too, so you can't really make excuses for that. this arguement right now about PS3 is pretty old and most developers have overcome it's hurdles. The skyrim engine was mainly optimized for the Xbox360, they didn't optimize it enough for the PS3 obviously. The Problem the PS3 version had there is honestly no good excuse from it and saying "to port it to the PS3 is more expensive" so therefor your basically saying they just half assed it out the door for the PS3. again, Business profit and volume, volume is making money farther down the road which isn't going to happen on the PS3 version. they lost potential future DLC sales, they also made people turn away from them, again Volume, future profits. it's so important for game developers to create a loyal and solid fanbase.

    I would say to any other developer out there, don't do what Bethesda is doing unless you want your business to fall.
    To answer the question posed by the thread, this will not impact future sales. It doesn't impact current sales and the future games won't have these problems.

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    I agree 100% with the article. Refer to my skyrim glitch thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Typical guy View Post
    To answer the question posed by the thread, this will not impact future sales. It doesn't impact current sales and the future games won't have these problems.

    you don't think people that were thinking of getting it that owns a PS3 decided not to because of problem. you bet they turned away future loyalty, don't tell me otherwise. it doesn't matter if it didn't impact sales, how would anyone know if sales got impacted because of this. I'm talking about future fanbase and yes it does. if you $#@! over users on a specific platform, the new potential buyers for that game on that platform may not purchase "said product", this is just how it goes. A company should want to grow, not pedal backwards

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    Couldn't give a $#@! if the ps3 version wasn't that great. It just pissed me that the pc version wasn't what it should have been. Seeing as we $#@!ing made the series. It wasn't as bad as the ps3 but I felt the game could have run better and should have looked better out of the box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dc89 View Post
    If this makes time travel possible I'll go forward in time voluntarily to get my hands on CoD34 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. They come out in the same year.
    Quote Originally Posted by Seahawkk View Post
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    The treatment over the years on any of the big releases from Bethesda have been disappointing. From some DLC being unplayable to potentially not seeing Dawnguard for PS3, I think the big take home message is to vote with your wallet. As the article makes great points, it doesn't matter if despite all these issues, people continue to buy the PS3 versions.

    Essentially with PS4, they will get a clean slate. If this $#@! continues onward, the only step is stop buying the product, or continue to accept the shortcomings. It sucks, because they created one of my favorite games of all time, Morrowind. It sucked when I bought Skyrim on PS3, only to see it run like $#@!. That was the first and last Bethesda game I bought on PS3.

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