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    Possible Next Gen Sony Controllers

    Looks like sony might be putting their controllers all in to one design. Incorporating both the Dual Shock design and their Move technology.

    In a radical new move, Sony is looking to revamp their existing dual shock controller design. According to a patent applied for by Sony, the radical new controller would be a “hybrid separable motion controller”. Sony which hasn’t changed their controller design since 1997 with the introduction of the original PlayStation console.

    The Nintendo Wii U also recently underwent a controller redesign, however their controller now mimicks the design concept of the Xbox 360 controller. This entirely new design from Sony would feature built in motion controls. It would also sense if the controller is in a “connected” or “disconnected” state. The controller pictured to the left, has 2 sensor balls attached to it that would assist in detecting controller movement. Sony currently has the PlayStation Move controller, that features those same movement tracking balls.

    Im not a fan of the looks of that at all. Is anyone else in favor of the new design?

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    This is already being discussed here.
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