A developer at Australia indie studio Elevator Entertainment has said the group is working on a project which "takes the piss out of Scientology's history and beliefs".

The group is hoping to crowdfund the project via the Indiegogo platform, with a $45,000 investment goal.

Speaking anonymously to AusGamers, a developer at Elevator said: "Having stumbled onto the topic over a nostalgic game on the Super Nintendo, we couldn't help but see how the story of Scientology could be mistaken for a game."

He added: "We are also acutely aware of scientology's legal history of simply bullying opponents out of court by using their mammoth financial and human resources to wear any attackers down."

The person insisted that his dev team has "a healthy amount of respect for people's beliefs", though the concept of the Scientology game - called The Source - challenges this claim.

"The public aim of Scientology is to create a world without sickness, war, poverty, etc. That would seem like a noble goal to the uninitiated and there are certainly people around the world involved with Scientology who are focused on that goal rather than the shadier aspects that we want people to be aware of," the developer said.

Most epic game ever not yet made? Perhaps...