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    WW2 book suggestions for a Christmas gift

    Hey all! I need some help from all you readers here on PSU. I'm trying to find a good WW2 book for my step dad for Christmas. I don't read often so I need some help from those of you who do. He really likes WW2 era books mostly about battles themselves from what i can tell. It doesn't have to be limited to that though. I'm just looking for something interested that he might would like. I saw a book by Laura Hillenbrand called Unbroken that has seen very positive reviews. So if you could suggest something from the past couple years, as i don't really know what he has outside of anything recent. Also any other military reads suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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    I haven't read this book myself and it's not about a battle but it does look like an interesting read. It is from the last couple of years though.The reviews are quite favourable too:

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