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    Little Inferno : REVIEw

    i loved this game i had to write a review it is so stupid but well worth the 14.99 its so outrages animal lovers it has poo yes poo and fire.

    (now your asking What the ?????)

    It's little inferno the fireplace app for the wii u where you solve combos to burn more items the burned items give you stamps and coins to buy and ship more items to burn.

    the art style is off the charts the idea of lighting a poo spewing kittle called kitty kitty poo poo plushie was funny as all get out this game should not be given to children we dont want them trying the stunts in this game for real.


    Amazing art style

    funny puzzles keep you wanting to burn more objects (my favorite the screaming marshmallow it lights one on fire and then another as it runs for its very life while on fire of course)


    touch is a little tricky but not bad for a indie title (good thing you can also use a wii remote)

    needed the ability to blow on the flames using the wii u gamepad mic would have been nice to stop the fire to burn more items instead of waiting for the fire to stop burning.

    time limits you buy a item you then have to wait a time limit before you can open the item or restock the item in the catalog. (seems fine until you get to the sun which takes 4 minutes to become available to you shipping and restocking)

    Overall 10 stars from its glitches there nothing a little time and some fun cant heal and even better wait until you get the commercial video unlocked in the game it's so disturbing you will be asking can i burn it.

    this was a great game for 14.99 i am glad i bought it

    Update here is the link for the in game commercial.
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    Not a bad review man, you should work on it more and submit it on the Community Reviews subforum we have now.

    Have a look here to learn about it and see the guidelines for reviews

    They go into this section here, its really taking shape and if you put a bit more effort into these review you do they would be a welcome addition

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