I've had my VITA for a month now, i got the ACIII:Liberation bundle and i've been playing that game. I'm on sequence 4 now, it's really a poor game, very disappointing, with a disengaging story, laggy controls, graphics are choppy as well, not the AC experience i wanted on the VITA. Anyway, my main gripe, it is the only game i've played bear in mind, but i hate the forced touchscreen features in the game. I know developers want to make use of the features the system offers, however, it's extremely frustrating being forced to pedal a canoe with the back touchpad, open a letter and hold it up to a light just to get a stupid clue. It ruins the experience and takes me out of the game literally, anyway, my main point is that we should be given the option to use these. Some of them are just plain unnecessary, it's like the sixaxis when it first came out. I hope developers give you the option, or just flat out make a fully fledged game like Gravity Rush which makes use of it properly otherwise if the game doesn't need them, don't force them, there is more to the VITA than the gimmicks of a touch screen. /Rant