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    Post: Shootings At Connecticut Elementary School
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    I have been raging for the past day on the need for gun control NOW. No one's taking your guns away in America, but you can wait two weeks for a background check to make sure you aren't a felon or certifiably unstable. If you still say guns don't kill people, I say you are a $#@!ing moron. If you still fear the government/Obama/liberals are coming to take away your guns, you are a $#@!ing moron. I stopped reading the rest of this thread as soon as the asinine gun defenses began, so I don't really know how other board members feel on the issue, but if you are angry that I just called you a $#@!ing moron, then congratulations, I was talking directly to you. My patience for the idiocy over this issue in America is well and truly over.

    One thing I have not been able to do is give sympathies to the families of the victims because even thinking about the kids makes me think of the Christmas trees that have presents sitting under them right now that will never be opened and that will make me totally lose my $#@!.
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