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    Longshot: Anyone have a Fujitsu Semens Pi 3540 Amilo laptop? :)

    So, It seems, for whatever reason, my laptop won't let me create the restore discs. It used to,but the burning process always had errors and I was never successful. I REALLY want to format this lappy but I need the restore disc for the Amilo drivers. Anyone have this laptop, or know where I could find the resources I need...?

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    Did it not even come with a disk to start with? What kind of errors does it give?

    Here's a pdf link to your lappy:

    Reboot the puter and press F9 as soon as it starts to turn on. Fujitsu Siemens Computers Recovery Program will activate. You will lose all your data.

    Here's the drivers page:

    You'll see an enter box next to a "Continue" button. Just type in pi 3540, and click on continue. Then choose Windows 7. You'll see the drivers all refresh on the page. Click on Show All Drivers so you can sort through them better.

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