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    Infraction for Wrath: No Insulting/Harassing Other Members, Rule 26.

    Post: Shootings At Connecticut Elementary School
    User: Wrath
    Infraction: No Insulting/Harassing Other Members, Rule 26.
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    Insulting Americans (previously warned users about it)

    Message to User:
    As I have mentioned in my previous post, I will not tolerate these kind of posts. Especially when Americans are mourning the lives lost in this tragic event. While there is nothing wrong with a user defending his/her stance on issues, try not to demean other people while you do it.

    Original Post:
    Quote Originally Posted by Equinoqs View Post

    This thread has made me embarrassed to be an American right now.

    Feel free to reply with the "Love it or leave it" comments.
    That's what I was thinking.

    What is it with the American pride for guns? Why are weapons considered to be part of the American way of life? Why are some people so desperately trying to protect their guns? So much nonsense...

    Guns have been developed with only ONE goal in mind - KILL. You can spin it how you want and talk about protective measurements and all such bull$#@! but at the end of the day guns are there to kill. They have been produced for war situations and somehow managed to be legalised for the everyday life of your average Amerian citizen.

    No wonder Americans are constantly laughed at here in Europe.
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