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    PS3 Movie Fix 2.0?

    Hi everyone.

    Just trying to figure out why the thread i created was deleted. I want more info on this and can only find BS "plug" videos on youtube with commissioned links. Reviews, thoughts, downloads?

    Mods: PM me if moving this; it doesn't break ANY rules so do not delete it.


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    So what's your issue then because we can't see the other thread?

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    Everything i want to know was stated above.

    I'd like to know who has bought/downloaded it and if it only benefits those watching files directly from a USB/HDD as opposed to streaming files from a disc... I have a few BR 3D backups (as when they come out they are pretty expensive to buy), so i've made some backups on the favourite 3D movies, for were for the kids. I want to know if this software will benefit me or if the image needs to be ripped to a HDD then played from there?

    I know nothing of this and can't find legit reviews except for scam commission links...


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    My guess is its all a scam don't bother with it.

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