in recent activity with the wii u i have noticed that the screen cuts off when using the 15 ft component cable for the wii console during just dance 4 the fix the cord has to be shortend to 7 1/2 15 ft is two much there isn't enough power on the wii u to keep a constant signal which creates problems so here is the fix it does work i have done this and i can confirm that this fixes just dance 4 and several other games as well.

Here is the article

How to repair the nintendo wii component cable signal loss for the wii u and get stereo surround sound for your gaming pleasure

Items you will need:

1. a wii component cable also known as a d-terminal component cable

2. New component cables to wire onto the cable.

3. rca male connectors

4. rca female connectors

5. rca cable for audio

6. rca cable adapter referred to as a male to male adapter or female to female adapter if you wired it a different way

7. soldering iron

8. solder

9. heat shrink or electrical tape your choice

Why do we need to do this.

Well as we have all noticed on the wii u theres no optical out for the sound the surround sound only works through hdmi which means you have to spend 124.99 for a adapter to send the sound from the hdmi to the surround sound receiver which is rediculus when you can use 5.1 stereo surround sound through the d-terminal on the wii u console which no one is aware of.

Why do we need to hack the cable for.

if the d-terminal cable is two long you will lose video and audio signal from the wii u console because the console doesn't have enough power to keep the signal strength up on the console so by shortening the cable from 15 feet to only 7 1/2 feet we can fix this issue.

Does this mean my wii u won't display into hd???

No you will still have hd. component and hdmi work the same way same color codes of wires almost except hdmi has a bunch of signal upload wires and download wires that are a mess to deal with the console still displays in 1080i and 1080p no problems with component.

Awesome where do i begin.

Step 1 preparing your cables.

i highly recommend gold plated connectors for this because a lot of component cables for the wii didn't come with them and gold plated makes better connections .

cut the end off of the component cable you will be using

shorten the wii d-terminal cable from 15 ft to 71/2 feet use a tape measure if necessary

strip the wires be careful not to screw up.

now get your rca connectors ready strip them and get them ready as well

Step 2 understanding color codes.

this is a simple process as long as you remember these key things video is pink audio is red and white if you remember these things you can build any component cable.

Now why is this important???

Well in component cables there are these colors.





But when you strip the wire it usually looks like this depending on who manufactured your cable.





the reason for this is simple you don't want to hook the video signal up to the system audio line it will just hum and do damage to your speakers.

so if your rebuilding a cable you would wire it like this.


Pink = Red
Green = Green
Blue = Blue


Red = Red Rca connector
White = White Rca connector

Step 3: soldering your connections

Key: take your time do a good job and don't rush one wrong connection and you have a issue especially if you solder two connections to one.

heat up your soldering gun or iron depending on your choice

once at full heat get ready to solder.

solder connections.

wrap with electrical tape or heat shrink which ever you prefer and try it out.

I recommend using just dance 4 on the wii u it seems to have the issue with the longer cable so if your video starts cutting in and out on the getting feely song in just dance 4 then you know you will have to shorten it shorter.

remember this is for stereo surround sound there is no need to select 5.1 surround sound in the wii u system settings because stereo on the wii u is stereo hd surround sound