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    Prestige question on black op's 2

    right now iam on 55 and the bar is allmost fill to hit the frist Prestige can i keep all my unlocked guns and record if i want to
    or do i have to start over with all guns and stuff locked

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    You keep the gun stats and camos but you have to unlock them again like the first time round. When you unlock them with a token your gun will still have all the XP gained with it and the camo unlocks you earned.

    You also get a prestige token which allows you to unlock one item permanently like Ghost, or your favorite weapon or equipment etc.

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    Think of it like time travel back to your low ranked youth. Your first go round you get to rank up, unlock weapons and rank them up and outfit them as much as you see fit. Prestige, everything goes in the locker with everything intact but you have to "live your life again" and reach that weapon's rank, then the locker opens and you get it all, every bit of it, just as you left it in the locker. And the permanent unlock you get very prestige, it's like a key to any one locker and you get the every time you're "born." And they permanent unlocks stack -- they are indeed permanent. Unlock the SMR at P1, it's all yours at P2 and you can unlock the bouncing betty, and at P3 at lowly first rank you've already got the SMR, the bouncing betty and another permanent unlock to burn. It's obviously intended to make prestige more palatable. And it does, really.

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