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We've got another entry in our Retrospective feature 'Classic Gaming Moments' up, this time on Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.

We’ve all got one of those moments from our gaming past that remains forever embedded on our consciousness. It could be an epic boss battle, memorable cut-scene or eyeball-popping vista. Whatever it might be, these are defining moments that make us sit up and take note of why we love our favourite past time – and long may it continue.

In our latest celebration of Classic Gaming Moments, we head back to the days of the PlayStation 2 and revisit one of the most cinematically stylish cut-scenes we’ve clapped eyes on – Devil May Cry 3’s brilliant opening cinematic where hero Dante effortlessly dispatches a horde of demons while scoffing pizza.

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When Dante does something, he does it in style – and that includes eating pizza. Here, we see a younger, brasher incarnation of the demon slayer kicking back in his new shop, only to be assaulted by a legion of lesser demons; apparently an ‘invitation’ from his brother, Vergil. After being stuck numerous time with scythes, Dante casually wonders over to his karaoke machine, gives it a good punch, and then proceeds to effortlessly kill his attackers.
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