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    Something Driving me NUTS!!!!

    I am a Playstation Plus member and had just recently got a Vita for Christmas. I have recently been playing Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions and something has been driving me crazy. I downloaded it for free as a benefit of PS+ and have been playing it for just under 15 hours. I have played FF Tactics WOTL on PSP before and had actually traded it in because I was able to download it digitally. The thing that is driving me nuts is that I have noticed some differences between the digital version and the UMD version. The biggest thing is that there are certain abilities that are not in the game. It is kind of a big deal because the abilities that aren't there are important and useful abilities. I realized this is because the ability to Throw (Chemist) is not in the game as well as Counter (Monk). As anyone who has played the game before obviously not being able to throw makes a Chemist far less useful. There are other abilities missing as well but don't feel like listing all of them.

    I was thinking of deleting the game and then redownloading and reinstalling it to see if that would correct the problem, although doubtful. So here is where I need help I would like someone to confirm this for me, and if it is correct what could I do to fix this problem. If delete the game does it delete my saves as well? The way vita stores data is kind of confusing and stupid IMO. I looked under content manager and could not see any data about the game. I was going to upload the saved data to the Cloud because I am a PS+ member but there was none there.

    Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.

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    I think your PSP and PS1 game saves are stored on your memory card. You should be able to delete the games without losing the saves. You may want to do a backup before doing it though. Deleting Vita games will delete your game save if you do not back up to the cloud.

    I do not think you can store PSP and PS1 game saves to the cloud, only Vita saves.

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    Your PS1 and PSP saves are in settings under save, or something. They are in there somewhere. They are seperated from the PS1/PSP game bubble. If I seem to remember correctly I deleted tactics ogre off my card and the save games still remained

    I would backup first though, like lethal suggested.

    Only vita games can be saved to the cloud, yeah

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