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    Quote Originally Posted by Forcedme View Post
    I've read some of your posts in other threads and understand that you consider yourself intelligent and clever, a true wit, even--but look beyond your stupidity to read what I wrote, and the manner in which I wrote it.

    Did I compare it to previous games? No. In fact, stumble through past threads regarding this title, and you'll see I mentioned my curiosity stemming only from NT's involvement, due to my enjoying their past games. Then you must understand that I was comparing the writing to Enslaved and Heavenly Sword, not DMC games of past. THEN sift through everything I've written in this thread thus far, and find me a word other than "silly" that shows my bemoaning this game juxtaposed with games past. I believe you will find that you can't.

    Thank you. I look forward to the next post in which you whet your inexhaustible intellectual prowess.
    well..that was a round about way of telling someone to f*** off. Typical douchey "u think your smart,but im smarter than you--look at the colorful words im using to reply" remark.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StevenW View Post
    I've had it for a while. Our review is under embargo still. I've really enjoyed playing it though. My favourite game of 2013 so far
    hahaha best "embargo workaround." enjoyed it and favorite game this year?! works for me... however i was always pumped for this new one love the new art direction more than most it seems.

    oh also... im $#@!ing glad they left all the foulmouth $#@! in... i was scared for a bit with the censored demo (the "$#@! you" or whatever words that popped up when you start sliding in the church) glad to know its just as crass as ever
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