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    Quote Originally Posted by radgamer420 View Post
    Amazing? They were corridor shooters.
    Being open doesn't necessarily mean better.....

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    I enjoyed it, but not as much as I thought I would. I'm one of the biggest Dead Space fans you can find. I've read, watched and played EVERYTHING that belongs to the brand "Dead Space".

    Now the demo was good, but not great. That's just the demo and I don't mean the game, I just mean the demo. They could've taken another part of the game. I found out that the one part of the demo that was the most fun is the "weapon crafting" room. Go to "single player" and then "weapon crafting". You'll be in a room in a spaceship in space, and you have a bench where you can craft various different weapons (one one-handed, one heavy weapon) and activate enemy waves. You have unlimited stasis and health. That was A LOT of fun. The spaceship looked awesome. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO SEE. The demo itself was nice too, but as I said, not great.

    Oh, and something that I must mention: THE GAME FEATURES CLASSIC AIMING. I worried a lot about this, because all the gameplay footage so far (and the trailers) showed the centered aiming. But I want lazorz!!!!!! No, seriously, I don't like the centered aiming. It's too arcady in my opinion. With classic aiming, you have to line up the lasers with your target. You can't just aim the center of your screen (a circle, crosshair, three dots or whatever) and always hit. Just switch it around, and you'll see the difference. The original Dead Space had - well - "classic" aiming.

    To be completely honest, I have high hopes for DS3, but I think it suckz b*llz that DS has become a franchise that EA wants to milk. They put in microntransactions and made a collector's edition that is nice (not great and not worth the price imo, but as a fan I want it), but not available in all regions. MICROTRANSACTION!!! But I have faith in Visceral Games, because they're a good studio and Steve Papoutsis, the Game Director, is one great guy who you want to make your games. As long as he is the game director, Dead Space will be good.

    I will play DS3 in singleplayer on hard and zealot, then I'll play it in COOP with my best friend - first as Carver, then as Isaac Clarke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sainraja View Post
    Being open doesn't necessarily mean better.....
    It does more times than not though. And it definitely is in this case and in the case of the shooters I mentioned earlier.

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