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    Final fantasy
    The release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will not mark the end of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, according to Square Enix.

    In an interview with IGN, veteran Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase suggested that while Lightning Returns would mark the end of Gran Pulse, Cocoon and Lightning herself, it wouldn't be the last game involving the crystal mythos that was discussed when the series was announced.

    If you’re on about Fabula Nova Crystallis and the mythology that these stories are based on, that may continue.

    "When you say this universe," he explained, "if you’re talking about the universe that we have been seeing in XIII, XIII-2 and this game, that includes Cocoon, Gran Pulse and the islands in this instalment; that is definitely coming to an end. But if you’re on about Fabula Nova Crystallis and the mythology that these stories are based on, that may continue."

    When it was announced back in 2006, the Fabula Nova Crystallis series of games included three titles, each linked by a common mythos about important crystals. The three titles were Final Fantasy XIII, which has since released and spawned two sequels, Final Fantasy Type-0, formerly called Agito and currently only available in Japan with no localisation plans, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which hasn't been seen since January 2011.

    There's a number of comforting ideas we can take away from this. Despite the fact that Square Enix has repeatedly denied that Versus has been cancelled or become vaporware, fans continue to fear the worst. If this latest announcement is to be believed, then we can rest easy that we'll soon be hearing more about the elusive PS3-exclusive. Alternatively, it could mean that Type-0 will soon be localised for the West, something which Square Enix has always avoided talking about before.

    There is one final, slightly out-there possibility though. In 2010, Kitase caused quite a stir after saying more games for the Fabula Nova Crystallis series would be announced. While he was almost certainly referring to XIII-2 and Lightning Returns, what if he wasn't? Could this mean we could be about to hear of another title in the franchised sub-series?

    Whatever the case, it's comforting to know that we still have good cause to hope that we'll one day get our hands on both Versus XIII and Type-0. What do you think, is the prospect of another new game in Fabula Nova Crystallis something that'd interest you, or would you much rather Versus was released and we move swiftly on to Final Fantasy XV?

    In case you missed it, we recently got a chance to see Lightning Returns in action, so be sure to check out our first preview of the game if you want some solid info on what Fabula Nova Crystallis still has in story

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    Well, when it comes the Fabula Nova Crystallis which is a 10 year compilation of the mythos. Versus XIII is obviously one of the titles and the unknown reason why Type-0 hasn't been released. I also remember someone posting that there's already plans for a Type-0 sequel. I'd imagine if the reason why they're taking so long with Versus because there are more sequels to come.

    FFXV will be for the PS4.

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